Black-Capped Cuties

Wanting to blog for a while, my final surge of inspiration came when I spotted this little cutie while drinking my morning coffee, staring out the window, and waiting for consciousness to kick in.  I noticed this little lady pulling moss off a rock by our pond and knew she was gathering nesting material. When I watched her fly towards this newly hung house, I could not have been more excited!



Is she adorable or what??!! The picture is a little blurred through the window, but her cuteness still shines through!  I bought this painted gourd at a local farmers market several weeks ago.  Though I had hoped it would attract inhabitants, I assumed it would be like the last pretty birdhouse I bought…only a decoration swinging about in the breeze.  This little chickadee  seems not to be swayed by the breeze, however, and she and her spouse are busily nest-building and unknowingly entertaining me, and now hopefully you!


I will definitely keep you posted on this little family as spring marches on in all its beauty:)


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