Black-capped Cuties Update…

So, as promised, I have an update on our little chickadee family that is building it’s nest in the colorful gourd house just outside our bedroom window.  I am able to observe them nicely from inside, and usually during my morning coffee time. I’m starting to think I should have named this blog “coffee with the birds.”


On this particular morning, I didn’t observe either bird going into the nest, only the female sitting on a branch just off to the right of the house.


 I knew this was the female, because it was not long before the male brought it a morsel, which is what the male chickadee would normally do.

Ah, the chivalry of it all.


Handing off a tasty treat

I am assuming the nest is complete, and quite possibly there are eggs already being incubated.  The female simply covers the eggs when she leaves the nest, and the male brings food to her during this incubation period.


After eating what looked like a green caterpillar, mama flew off-I guess she just needed some fresh air!


I can’t wait to see the little fledglings appear, no doubt it will be while I’m sipping my morning coffee! Stay tuned!!

∼ Jen


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