Little Flying Thieves!

It was early morning, time to make that all important decision: where would I drink that first cup of  morning joe? Finally nice weather-wise, I contemplate the porch, then realize I’m still waaay too tired to sit up straight on a porch chair, so, off to my comfy, pink couch I go, ahh….

Turns out, that decision was a good one. I could keep an eye on my little chickadee nest from there and watch for any action…and action there was!


This, however, was not the action I was looking for!! This little guy/gal was definitely not Mr. or Mrs. Chickadee…..and what was that in it’s tiny little beak?!!!  This little rascal was not only breaking and entering, it was taking the moss that rightfully belonged there and tossing it out in a total take-over, the little home-wrecker!!


The last time I had seen the sweet little chickadee couple, the gentleman was bringing his little lady tasty treats as she sat on a branch nearby the nest – now they were nowhere to be found as this little land shark dismantled their tiny abode!

DSC_0349 2

Don’t let the innocent look fool you, this little cutie is a thief through and through!


It obviously prefers sticks to moss, not much for comfort or manners!

Blurry, but wanted to show size of some sticks it tried to get in hole before finally dropping them!

So, sadly it  appears my little black-capped cuties have been evicted by this little house-wrecker, I mean,  house  wren.  I was looking forward to watching their offspring, as I have never observed a nesting pair of chickadees before.  However, I have never observed a nesting pair of house wrens either, so I guess this is the year! They really are adorable, and I do love their cheerful little song:)


I hope my little chickadee couple, wherever they may be, find other happy, comfy lodging. Though I doubt it will be anywhere near as cheerful as this colorful gourd, here’s hoping!

∼ Jen

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