They’re Back….

Well, today was the day, finally! Each spring I wonder exactly when they will appear and try to have the feeder filled and waiting for them.  Occasionally they have beat me to it, but this year it was up and waiting for them at least three weeks ahead of their arrival.  I had just looked at the feeder late afternoon, and wondered why they hadn’t yet arrived, moments later I looked back, and there they were:

Ruby-throated hummingbirds

The first time I ever saw a hummingbird was not till my mid-twenties while on vacation in Colorado.  I could not believe the beauty of these tiny, hovering birds.  When I was older and married and moved into our first home, a hummingbird feeder was put in place the first spring and I have enjoyed them every spring since.

I have sweet memories of the first time our sons noticed hummingbirds….we had a feeder hanging in view of our breakfast nook so we could enjoy their comings and goings throughout the day.  We first noticed them one evening around dinner-time, a male and female.  The boys quickly named them “Kiwi” and “Cherry” since the female is an olive green with iridescent touches and the male has pinkish-red iridescent markings around its throat. This worked out great since my younger son loved the color  green and my older son loved red-they each had their own personal hummingbird:) We could almost always count on them for our dinner-time show, and loved watching their quick stops in for a drink before buzzing off again.

Screen Shot 2017-07-07 at 3.15.39 PM

  For small birds, they can be very feisty towards others wanting a quick slurp of nectar, so it wasn’t long before I realized we probably needed at least one more feeder. They also know how to communicate their needs, which astounds me…. I was very surprised one day to see one hovering and peeking in my glass doors to “let me know” the nectar had run dry! For a  really great article on their behavior and other fun facts, visit this site.

Fuschia-a hummingbird favorite

If you have not yet welcomed these beauties into your yard, consider putting up some feeders or plants that will attract them-you will be greatly rewarded, I guarantee! Though it’s easier to buy pre-mixed “nectar” at the store, the red food coloring in these is not recommended….try the recipe found here instead. Happy watching!!

∼ Jen


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