Re-blog from The Rabbit Patch:

The tender sprouts are an emerald green and do not seem to hold a grudge against the cold February nights, as people often will.  ∼ Michelle, Rabbit Patch Diary

I found Michelle’s blog early on in my blogging and am so happy that I did!  Her words paint such vivid pictures of nature you feel as if you are part of the experience, but what I love the most is she sees the beauty in everyday life…beauty that others may simply pass over.  I asked her permission to reblog her post on “February” and with less than ten days to go in go in this usually unappreciated month, I hope it inspires you to enjoy what’s left of it as it did for me.  Enjoy!!

For the Love of February

9 Replies to “Re-blog from The Rabbit Patch:”

    1. so true…when I see she has a new post I sometimes wait to read it as the last read of the night, sure to be a peaceful thing on my mind before going to sleep:)


  1. Thanks Jen for sharing this post, we can all appreciate the little things a little more and be more mindful and thankful of all the beauty around us. I like to capture the things others miss and walk right by, when we capture these on camera and crop them their beauty is realised, for many, for the first time. Like the light of morning and evening it lasts only for a moment and its beauty may only be seen for a moment by the one who waits and watches, We have a Creator who is an amazing artist and his art work is all around us. The Rabbitpatchdairy post does this.

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    1. Yes, I have been amazed several times when going through my photos and I crop them and see something I never saw before….just like in real life, sometimes right in front of us and missed for various reasons. God is an amazing artist for sure! Michelle always looks for the blessings in each day, even when faced with some challenges, a wonderful way to live!

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