Who Knew!

Everyone knows that birds love bird-feeders….

Screen Shot 2017-04-21 at 5.53.36 PM


DSC_0238cardinal young

DSC_0776 2


Those of us with squirrels also know that they REALLY love bird feeders…


This weekend my family and I discovered another animal that apparently also loves bird feeders…


Who Knew!

I could not make the “white” eyes disappear on our raccoon friend, but he’s too cute not to share.  🙂

Happy Weekend!




6 Replies to “Who Knew!”

  1. A beautiful post Jen!, loved all your birds including the four pawed one with the ‘Oh.I think I’ve just been sprung!’ look on its face:-) That hummingbird, we would love to see these birds! we would so love to see them in action, maybe one day. Enjoy your week and the favor and blessings of our Heavenly Dad.

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    1. Thank you, yes the hummingbirds are a real treat. The raccoon took off after that shot, he definitely did not like being caught! Enjoy your week as well!

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