Bambi Invasion!


When I look back on my childhood, there is one movie that will always stick out in my mind as a favorite….Bambi!  Somehow I think I’m not alone in that sentiment.

Lately in our neighborhood I believe we could film our own version of Bamb in real-life form. The below picure is one I took after our growling cat (I used to think only dogs growled) alerted me to something just outside the window on a recent morning…


I was able to shoot a few more pictures before it ran off to the more heavily wooded area.  All the pictures in this post, with the exception of one, are shot through the window and some at a distance, so they won’t always be the clearest.



A few mornings later my husband and I were enjoying coffee on the porch when we spotted our early visitor…


After I greeted her with a “good morning,” she took off.  Apparently she likes eating our flowers in solitude, or maybe her guilty concious got the best of her. Either way, we would have enjoyed having her company a little longer.


Our flowers were not the only ones the deer enjoyed as evidenced when I peered across the street to my neighbor’s yard. In the above picture, the smorgasboard had just begun.  They casually made their way all across her lawn, munching as they went. Knowing she doesn’t bother to shoo them away anymore than we do,  I captured all the pictures I could to share with her later.  She had told me previously that she has counted up to eight at one time in her back yard at dusk and is captivated by their visits as much as we are.



shamelessly munching

Who needs flowers anyway!?!

When driving by another neighbors late one afternoon we stopped to talk to him and he pointed out his visitors to us-what I have come to call the elusive twin fawns:

One of the fawns is on the far right, the other on the left, very heavily camouflaged.

The picture is the best I could get with only a cellphone, and though I have walked back several more times to try to capture them with a real camera, they have unfortunately proven to be camera-shy.  We saw them a few more times when driving by, but my neighbor has informed me that they haven’t been around for the last several days.  In his words “they have eaten all the flowers we had, so they took off.” Neither he nor any of our neighbors seem to care that their flowers have been digested by Bambi and friends, and that is one of the reasons I love living here!

 I end this post with what is still my favorite picture of our neighborhood deer…


She was just casually strolling along for her morning walk like the rest of the neighbors when my sweet Princess alerted me to her.

I hope you have enjoyed my version of Bambi, Until next time!



18 Replies to “Bambi Invasion!”

  1. They are cute, but as a gardener, I can’t bear to see deer in my yard. Aside from cropping my hostas early on, the damage this summer has been minimal, thankfully. Having a dog makes them less likely to visit, but isn’t foolproof. 🙂

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    1. Yes, if I was able to grow veggies I may not be happy. When Princess was alive we never had deer in the back yard during the day, so a dog definitely makes a difference for sure. 🙂 If only they could be trained to eat weeds!!!

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  2. Love the last pic of deer with flower in mouth Jen! It so reminds me of a goat we had on a property to eat blackberry bush, it would give that innocent look as it ate my vege garden. How lovely to have these wild animals sharing your space, but it must have a price, your garden flowers. Interesting that they eat flowers, I wonder if flowers are like desert for them.😊

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  3. Thanks for sharing this! I just love deer, and am thrilled whenever I spot one. Did you ever read the book, Bambi? It’s not really like the movie, and yet it is very good. It was one of my favorites as a child.

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