Book Review: What Birds Teach Us


One of my absolute favorite things to do with my children when they were young was read aloud to them.  I collected many nature books, both fiction and non, to teach my sons about the beautiful world around us, and the book What Birds Teach Us by Ashley Hewson is one I truly would love to have had in my collection. The below description of his book is taken from his site:

The author and his wife are both avid ‘recreational birders’ This interest integrated with  the author’s family counseling studies, fulfills his desire to encourage and build into the lives of our youth, so that they can make healthy life choices and do life well. 

The book is a collection of the author’s observations and photographs from his beautiful country of Australia.  I have enjoyed his blog for the past year, so I was looking forward to having a collection of his pictures and words of wisdom in book form.  The book surely did not disappoint, and in fact, exceeded my expectations in the amount of content it contained.

It is a collection of very positive words of wisdom and advice based on the traits observed by the author and his wife of the various birds they have watched in the wild.  In short, it compares the traits and habits of the various birds to different character traits we humans, both young and old, would be wise to incorporate into our own personal lives.  In fact, there are so many more character traits than the ones that would first come to a person’s mind, and that is where it truly exceeded my expectations.

My one son has pointed out to me repeatedly how much he hated Aesop’s Fables as a kid. I read it aloud to he and his brother many times and had no idea of its traumatizing effects…I guess I should have known that turtles smashed on rocks due to their pride may have been a bit too much!  I wish I had a book such as this one, to teach those positive character traits, and many more, in a much more gentle way!  Not to mention, the photographs are simply beautiful.

I really can’t recommend this book highly enough. It would be a wonderful gift for any child in your life, starting as early as age four or five and upwards. Honestly, there are even a few good reminders for adults as well-my personal favorite is the chapter on creativity. It truly is a gift that will keep on giving!!

Until next time,

∼ Jen


17 Replies to “Book Review: What Birds Teach Us”

  1. Thanks so much Jen for this wonderful review of my book, I so appreciate it. I am amazed how this book, which originally started out as a project (legacy) for my grand children has now become such a popular selling book here in Australia. It is encouraging to read the messages from people who have shared how the book has helped them or members in their family. I am currently writing a second book (as many friends have asked), again using the birds, to assist young families, sharing wisdom and skills in parenting and family dynamics. Have a wonderful week!

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    1. You are so welcome! That is amazing that it started out as just a legacy project and now is that and so much more! I am very glad to hear you are writing a second book, and I’ve no doubt it will be just as special as this one. 🙂 Thank you, and have a wonderful week as well!

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  2. I wish it was on amazon! I’ll have to check the exchange rate for $40ASD. It does look like a really neat book. I could see Josiah really enjoying it.

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    1. Hey Carla, yes your kids would really enjoy it! It works out to about $30 in USD…I really do wish I had it or my kids….but there’s possible grandkids in the future!! Hugs to you and your adorable kids for me!!!!!!!


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