A Seaside Winter Walk


New Year’s Day promised to be a beautiful 60 degrees outside, so my husband, younger son and I decided to head to the beach for a winter’s walk.  We began at our favorite little cafe in Lewis, Olive and Oats, then fortified with a delicious lunch, which included the obligatory black-eyed peas, we headed to the Cape.


Below is the beautiful boardwalk towards the beginning of the trail…


leading to the spectacular scenery just beyond and along the path.

colorful marsh
gulls and egrets with WWII lookout tower in background

All along the path were the subdued and peaceful colors of winter, and many other friendly New Year’s Day walkers/cyclists as well.


escaping the crowd


Before exiting the park, we happened upon the white-tailed deer, always very plentiful here…

white-tailed deer fawn
grazing in playing field

One last look at the sea, then back home to a cozy fire and the promise of more winter walks ahead.

Until next time,


∼ Jen

21 Replies to “A Seaside Winter Walk”

    1. Hey Donna, don’t know what’s going on with my account…just tried to comment on you post “time” and it shows I’m not following and I can’t follow or comment because it keeps saying invalid email address…uggh, I can’t pull up anyone I follow on my “reader” either. Anyhow, love the post, especially the old clock and the guest bedroom with the original furniture! Does the clock still work?


  1. What a lovely way to spend New Years Day Jen, a great lunch followed by that interesting boardwalk to the wetland marsh area, wish we could have been there. Water birds are always worth a look and Egrets are no exception. The dear are a beautiful addition, though they are hunted as pests herein our national parks as they are introduced and are destroying our natural forests disturbing the delicate ecosystems. Have an enjoyable week!

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    1. Yes, it was really a lovely way to start the New Year! Maybe you and your wife could tour here someday…my husband and I would be more than happy to show you around and enjoy your spectacular Australian accents!! I believe hunters are allowed in at certain times with bow and arrow, otherwise they would certainly take over the parks here as well, but I enjoy seeing them when I do! Have a great week!.
      By the way, something is wrong with my site, I am able to read posts from my email, but can’t comment on them for some reason, so if you don’t hear from me that is why till this is fixed.

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      1. Thanks Jen for the kind invitation, if we visit the States we would love to visit, though my wife is considering Israel this year. Sad about your access to comments, when that happens to me I usually have to log back into WordPress, and then click on the post heading, but you’re problem may be different. Have an enjoyable week my friend 😊

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      2. I don’t blame your wife one bit….my husband and I have wanted to visit Israel for a long time. My parents went about 20 years ago, and many friends and all love it. I hope you make it there!! My comments are fixed as your probably noticed. 🙂

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  2. Hi Jen, I had s similar problem with not being able to comment and I was directed to my WordPress Spam folder, where somehow I had accidentally made a previous reply spam from a devout follower. I had to unsparing it and then reply. Not sure if this helps. Blessings Jen.

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