It Started on a Hike…


For three years in a row I had the pleasure of heading to West Virginia with two friends for a girls get-away weekend.  After breakfast, we would pack our lunch and head to that day’s designated hiking spot, and usually not return before late afternoon or sunset.


On one particular hike one of my friends asked what we each saw as our unique giftings.  I actually wasn’t sure how to answer at this weird stage in my life, when empty nest syndrome has started to kick in bit by bit.  One friend brought up my singing, which had always been my number one passion, but, that has changed through the years with raising a family.  My other friend asked me about the healthy products I like to make for myself and friends and asked why I didn’t consider doing it as more than just a hobby.


Long story short, she and our other friend encouraged me to follow that passion, and two years later it has come to fruition!  I really wasn’t sure about sharing it here on the blog because we have all been “spammed” by one business or another, and I truly care about my blogging friends. But, I also share what is going on in my life in other ways, and know that some of you are actually into this kind of lifestyle as well. And, hopefully it will explain why I don’t always keep up with reading and writing on here as much as before!

So, here’s to chasing a passion and turning it into a reality….

Broad Creek Naturals

Yes, that’s my creek.  I never knew that wonderful day I spent on the creek would create a picture for a website cover, but life can be like that!

Until next time…

follow what you’re passionate about…you never know where it may lead.


17 Replies to “It Started on a Hike…”

  1. What a wonderful achievement Jen! your web site is very professional and beautifully appointed, well done to you both! Thanks for sharing this, it is encouraging. We are on the same page when it comes to doing creative things during empty nest. Writing & publishing books has been my thing as you already know. Loved your beautiful captures of the creek and leaves. 🙂

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    1. Thank you Ashely, that’s very nice of you to say! My husband has publised a few books, so I have a bit of an idea of the work that goes into that, so I would have to say a wonderful achievement for you as well!! How’s your new book coming along?

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  2. Thanks for asking Jen, we are looking at publishing both my 2nd edition of the first book and my 2nd book, which targets the older age group early next year. We are just fine tuning the proof and negotiating with publisher. What sort of books has your hubby published Jen? Have a wonderful week my friend! 🙂

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    1. Awesome, it will be great to have a book for both age groups. Not sure what it says about me but the one for young kids spoke to me!! My husband is a researcher by hobby of ancient civilizations and ancient Biblical text. He amazes me with what he discovers I have to say!

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    1. Michelle, what kind words, and they mean so much coming from you, a blogger I admire so much! I use the castile diluted as shampoo and body wash, but I have heard of shampoo bars and will look into it, thanks for the suggestion! Merry Christmas season to you and your growing family!

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      1. Funny you should mention that, we tried very hard to avoid plastic and only have it for the soap bottle (shower safety) and lip balm tubes. Tested non-plastic tubes and the oils absorbed into the cardboard!!! Turned into lip cement!! Lol! And yes, a good reason to look into soap shampoos!

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